Bringing the future of sustainable living to Jersey

Chris Kolaniak and Paul Wesolowski, co-founders of Prestige Therm Solutions Picture: SUPPLIED BY PRESTIGE THERM SOLUTIONS

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DO you have rooms in your house that are regularly too hot or cold to be comfortable? Are you constantly getting out the bleach in a never-ending fight against mould and mildew on the walls?

And are these physical discomforts accompanied by ever-rising energy bills as you turn up the heating in the winter or switch to air-conditioning systems in the summer to enjoy a more temperate environment?

While you might have thought such issues were unavoidable, a new product launched in the Island this month will offer a solution, alleviating your concerns about energy consumption and optimizing your indoor comfort.

Having secured the exclusive UK and Channel Islands distribution rights to PSCoat, Paul Wesolowski and Chris Kolaniak, the co-founders of Prestige Therm Solutions, are confident that their “innovative and eco-friendly” offer can reduce energy consumption, lower utility bills and “elevate Islanders’ living standards”.

With the co-owners’ extensive background in construction and logistics, the company brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, ensuring that customers can trust the quality and effectiveness of PSCoat.

The founders of Prestige Therm Solutions are deeply passionate about finding greener energy solutions and are committed to helping people solve problems and making their home lives healthier and more comfortable.

“Our mission is to provide ecological solutions that support sustainable development and do not alter the landscape’s aesthetics,” said Chris. “Our values include innovation, quality, environmental care and customer satisfaction.”

It can be challenging, they said, for homeowners in Jersey to properly insulate their properties and safeguard them against condensation and mould by using traditional methods.

“This is where PSCoat can make a real difference,” they said. “Unlike traditional graphite polystyrene, which can significantly reduce a room’s size due to its 12cm thickness, PSCoat is just 4mm thick and can be applied internally and externally. This unique and superior feature of PSCoat sets it apart from other insulation products, making it an exceptional choice for homeowners.”

But it is not just its slim proportions which give PSCoat an advantage over other insulation products.

“This is a tremendously innovative system. It is sprayed onto the walls in most cases, but we also use rollers in certain instances,” the men explained. “Customers can choose which colour they would like and, thanks to the paint-mixing machines we use, the options are endless.

“The coating is also easy to clean, so the product is easy to maintain, avoiding the need to repaint your home every year or two.”

Paul describes PSCoat as a “tremendously innovative system” Picture: SUPPLIED BY PRESTIGE THERM SOLUTIONS

This would be particularly beneficial, they add, for landlords, who often incur this cost between tenancies.

“Not only can PSCoat reduce maintenance costs, but it also comes with the highest fire-proofing classification, giving you peace of mind regarding safety,” they said.

They also say that the system’s insulation benefits can be felt “instantly” and that its thermal properties have seen homeowners lower their energy bills considerably.

“This is a very sustainable and eco-friendly solution,” Paul and Chris said. “By applying PSCoat internally and externally, homeowners have noticed that their bills have decreased between 30% and 40%.

“In cases where people struggled with exceptionally hot attics, for example, applying PSCoat to the roof has reduced the temperature by up to 50%.”

Chris: “The company’s mission is to provide ecological solutions that support sustainable development and do not alter the landscape’s aesthetics” Picture: JON GUEGAN (37846945)

They said another advantage of the product was that its application did not require planning permission, making it quick and easy to install.

“If you are already thinking about the summer and remembering the heat you endured last summer, this is the perfect time to act so that you can enjoy a comfortable home in the months ahead,” they added.

While it is the first time PSCoat has been available in Jersey, it has been used in Europe for many years.

“The first time I saw it installed was eight years ago, and it still looks just as good today as it did then,” said Chris, who added that the system could be used in any setting, not just domestic.

“Because of its bacteriostatic properties, PSCoat is also ideal for hospitals, commercial kitchens and refrigerated or warehouse containers, which makes it ideal for companies keen to reduce their carbon footprint and improve working conditions for their staff,” he said.

In addition to improving people’s living and working conditions, Prestige Therm Solutions is keen to support the Island’s economy by creating new jobs.

“While the company is in its early stages, we are keen to provide training and employment opportunities for Islanders as we grow,” said the men.

“We are also collaborating with local sub-contractors, and these opportunities will extend as we bring more new products to market.

“Although the initial focus is on PSCoat, we also hope to launch an innovative new thermal plaster product later this year. This product, which will offer a complete solution for building new houses, is nearing the end of its testing phase and is due to come onto the market very soon. Combining this plaster solution with the PSCoat will completely transform properties’ thermal insulation, significantly increasing people’s quality of living and decreasing household bills.”

More information about Prestige Therm Solutions and products is available from the company’s website –

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