Stepping out in style in 1973 (37589256)

WE’RE in fashion… a look back through the JEP archives at how Islanders kept up with the latest trends in decades past.

English mannequins in 1936 (37589271)

English mannequins who were brought over to display dresses for Messrs de Gruchy Grand Fashion Parade at West Park Pavilion in October 1936. The tullebottomed gown on the extreme left of the picture was considered the pièce de resistance of the entire parade.

Simon Bernette Halkett Street fashion house show in 1968 (37589268)

Halkett Street fashion house Simon Bernette put on a glitzy show at the 1968 Jersey Ideal Homes and Trades Exhibition at Springfield in November of that year.

Rock Island clothing store in 1978 (37589204)

An image from a promotional fashion shoot at women’s and men’s clothing store Rock Island, in St Helier, on 21 February 1978.

Voisin’s fashion show in 1976 (37589196)

A model displays a dress on the runway at Voisin’s fashion show on 6 October 1976.

JEP Women’s Circle fashion show in 1982 (37589208)

Models from a fashion show organised by the JEP Women’s Circle pose outside the Grand Hotel on 18 March 1982.

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