PICTURES: Snow Hill Bus Station in 1964


THE end of Snow Hill as a public transport terminus came at 7.25pm on 19 March in 1964.

Snow Hill was opened as a bus station on 18 July in 1935. Its main feature being the turntable, unique in the British Isles in a bus station for motor buses.

There were few amenities for the public, however, with the Evening Post nicknaming it “Pneumonia Avenue”. The turntable itself became something of a tourist attraction with visitors gathering to watch the buses being turned, which, in the early days was done by the driver driving the bus onto the turntable at a fast rate, jamming on the brakes and swinging the wheel hard over. This method was eventually abandoned when handles were fitted to the turntable.

When closed, the station was tranformed into a car park, which it still remains as to this day.

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