Star Wars C-3PO head from actor Anthony Daniels sells for £660,000

A C-3PO head from the private collection of Star Wars actor Anthony Daniels has sold for 843,750 dollars (£660,000) at auction.

The light-up prop from 1983’s Star Wars: Episode VI – Return Of The Jedi, was sold as part of the Anthony Daniels Collection in Los Angeles.

Daniels, who played the droid in the Star Wars franchise, previously said he hoped the memorabilia would “find new homes where they will be displayed, respected and enjoyed by fans”.

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C-3PO’s head from Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi (Andy Matthews/PA)

The head was said to have been made of “very thin fibreglass”, composed of three separate parts that interlock and the eyes illuminate “when an internal switch is activated”, the auction house said.

The C-3PO head, which had an original price estimate of between 500,000 to 1,000,000 dollars (£391,000 to £782,000), had eight bids but it was unknown who placed the winning bid.

The auction house previously said the Star Wars droid “stands as one of the most recognisable cinema designs of all time”, describing it as “one of the most significant artefacts from the original Star Wars film to come to market”.

The head was featured in multiple scenes in Return Of The Jedi during the battle in Endor, “including when Luke reunites with the group after the speeder bike chase and as the Rebels scout out and approach the shield reactor”.

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