Gladiators contender ‘disappointed’ at missing place in final due to injury

A contender on the BBC show Gladiators has missed out on a place in the final due to an injury.

Chung Leung, a software engineer from London, was hurt during the semi-final on Saturday’s episode, and replaced about half-way through by Welsh civil engineer Matt Jones.

It was ultimately Leeds admin officer Wesley Male who triumphed during the instalment, but Jones said he tried to finish the competition for Leung.

Apollo, Chung Leong, Phantom and Matt Jones competing during an earlier episode (BBC/James Stack/Hungry Bear Media)

Jones failed to beat Male during the Eliminator course, which sees the competitors go head-to-head to race to the end in the quickest time.

After winning, Wesley said he was “ready for bed” and is next week set to face Finlay Anderson, an army officer from Edinburgh, for the 2024 title of the rebooted show.

Earlier, Leung went down during the men’s Powerball game, which sees Gladiators tackle contenders to stop them scoring.

After his condition was assessed and the game was suspended, co-host Bradley Walsh announced he was “sadly injured”.

Walsh also said: “After consultations with the medical team, the decision has been made that he (Chung) could no longer continue in the competition.

“I know he’s doing okay and is receiving the best medical care, and we’ll get you an update on his condition before the end of the show.”

Substitute contender Matt had been beaten by Leung during an earlier episode, when the latter qualified with the second fastest Eliminator time of the heats on the BBC show.

He said: “My heart goes out to Chung. You know, he’s been such a legend and the nicest guy and such a shock to see him go down.

“But you know, backstage he’s laughing. He’s smiling, typical Chung, he’s still happy. So I just hope I can do him justice.

“Obviously I’m so honoured to be back with you guys. It’s another dream come true. But it’s absolutely all about Chung.”

From the female contenders, fitness coach Marie-Louise Nicholson, from Dublin in Ireland, earned her place in the finals when she beat dog walker Kerry Wilson, from Dunfermline, Scotland.

Nicholson will face Sheffield firefighter Bronte Jones next week.

Gladiators was originally broadcast from 1992 to 2000 on ITV before being resurrected by Sky between 2008 and 2009.

The BBC began showing its first series earlier this year.

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