Expect gloomy bank holiday, forecasters warn

Expect gloomy bank holiday, forecasters warn

Do not hold your breath for sunshine this spring bank holiday, forecasters have warned.

The weekend is likely to be an anti-climax after the blazing sunshine seen in February and over the Easter holidays, the Met Office said.

Meteorologist Mark Wilson told the Press Association: “It’s likely that the weather’s going to turn a bit more changeable.

“It’s dry across most of the country at the moment but by the time we get to the bank holiday there’s going to be much more cloud around.

“That cloud cover could be thick enough to bring showers and some spells of rain and we are likely to see bands of rain spreading their way eastwards across the UK.”

He added: “Some areas will see some brightness but all of us will see some cloud and some rain.”

Mr Wilson said that temperatures were likely to peak at around 20C (68F) compared to highs of 22C to 23C midweek.

“The temperature will be pleasant but not quite as high as we have been seeing,” he said.

Those who are escaping to Europe for the long weekend will have a better time of it, with Spain and the south of France looking at highs in the low 30s.

“Unfortunately the UK is not going to be particularly sunny compared to parts of Europe,” Mr Wilson said.

The gloomy weather will be in stark contrast to the spring bank holiday last year, where most of the country enjoyed warm sunshine.

But the country could probably do without a repeat of the flash floods and thunderstorms seen in parts of southern England in the wake of the heatwave.

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