Irish minister subjected to ‘daily abuse’ over his sexuality

An Irish government minister has revealed he endures daily abuse over his sexuality.

Minister for children, disability and equality Roderic O’Gorman said the majority of the abuse he receives is “very much focused on being gay”.

The abuse includes comments on social media alleging that he is a paedophile and a child groomer, he told RTE’s The Week In Politics programme.

The Green Party TD said he no longer responds to tweets “because some of the stuff is so nasty”.

He added that, if he let it into his head, it would distract from the work the Government is trying to do.

“On a daily basis, me and my team are cleaning off comments on my social media – paedophile, child groomer, all this sort of stuff.”

The minister added: “Every politician has to be ready for robust criticism, absolutely. But there is a definite change in dialogue in some parts of the public on these issues.

“I’m able to take it but for young people who are online and having to face similar attacks it is really difficult, and I think it’s important we call it out.”

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