What the papers say – April 9

Easter Sunday’s front pages cover a variety of stories from strikes, to the Coronation and a woman who believes her ghost husband has turned into an evil spirit.

The King’s approach for a more diverse Coronation has put him at “logger heads” with the church over the role other faiths should play in the ceremony, the Mail on Sunday reports.

The Sunday Telegraph leads with the leader of the Scottish Conservatives urging supporters to vote for Labour at the next election rather than the Scottish National Party which has London Conservatives furious.

The Observer reports on the junior doctor strikes that have caused hospitals into a “frantic search” to fill the gaps.

Sunday People leads with a Royal Range Rover safety alert with up to six vehicles potentially unsafe.

The Sunday Mirror has an exclusive interview with the mother of murdered schoolgirl Oliva Pratt-Korbel who vows to fight against gang violence and is campaigning for criminals to be forced to appear at sentencings.

The Daily Star Sunday is led by a woman who married the ghost of a Victorian soldier claiming that her supernatural husband has turned into an “evil spirit”.

The Independent calls on readers to help Afghan war veterans to stay in England with half of Britons thinking not enough is being done to help them.

The Sunday Express reports the King will save Rishi Sunak from embarrassment as his Coronation will “eclipse” a Tory council whitewash, as the party could lose 1000 seats as voters revolt.

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