Co-op and Ben and Jerry’s among winners at farmer-led Fairtrade awards

Ben and Jerry’s, Green and Black’s and the Co-op are among the winners of the inaugural Fairtrade Global Awards led by farmers and workers in low income countries.

The three brands were recognised for their commitment to supporting social justice through trade as well as ethical and sustainable practices.

The awards, which were announced at the Fairtrade Business Summit in Nairobi, Kenya, on Wednesday evening, came as an opportunity for those working across supply chains to recognise global businesses who are creating an impact through their supplier relationships.

The awards focused on existing commitments by businesses, strong two-way relationships with producer groups and a willingness to test new approaches in collaboration with Fairtrade.

Kerrina Thorogood, partnerships director at the Fairtrade Foundation, said: “Congratulations to all the winners, especially the three UK Fairtrade partners.

“The 2023 Fairtrade Global Awards winners have exemplified the spirit of Fairtrade by demonstrating a commitment to fairness, sustainability, and positive impact in the lives of farmers and workers in low-income countries.

“Their contributions serve as an inspiration to all who believe in creating a more equitable global trade system.”

Cheryl Pinto, global head of values-led sourcing at Ben and Jerry’s, said that fair trade, as well as striving for social and economic justice, is “baked into our ethos of how we do business”.

“With the global challenges we face, it is critical that across sectors, we become more transparent, resilient and fair in terms of valuing and honouring the essential contributions of farmers and farmworkers along with all other supply chain actors,” she added.

Sandra Uwera, Fairtrade International global CEO, said: “Businesses have the potential to be remarkable agents of positive change.

“At Fairtrade International, we’ve seen countless examples of companies going the extra mile to make a sustainable impact.

“Let us use their stories as a source of inspiration, a testament to what’s possible, and a call to action for others to follow suit in the pursuit of a more sustainable world.”

Assata Doumbia, president of ECAM Meaui, an Ivorian cocoa farmer cooperative and member of the judging panel for the Fairtrade Awards, said: “The Fairtrade Global Awards provide a platform to acknowledge those who are actively reshaping our global trade landscape.

“It’s truly inspiring to see how these nominees have harnessed the principles of fairness and sustainability to make a tangible difference in the lives of farmers and workers.”

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