Pebbles the campus cat honoured with statue at his chosen university

A university has erected a bronze sculpture of a cat that decided to make its home on the campus.

When 16-year-old Pebbles first turned up at the University of Essex, staff took him to a vet to have his microchip scanned and he was returned home to his owner.

But the black and white cat, who lived near to the Colchester campus, kept returning, so his owner agreed he could stay.

The statue of Pebbles
The statue of Pebbles at the University of Essex (University of Essex/PA)

He has been honoured with a bronze statue, one-and-a-half times his size, on a plinth on the campus.

Dr Sarah Perry, Chancellor of the university, unveiled the statue by animal sculptor Gill Parker between Square 3 and Square 4 on the campus, where hundreds of students pass each day.

Dr Perry said it was “of course only natural that so wise and welcoming a cat should have chosen Essex as his place of residence”.

Chancellor Dr Sarah Perry and student Gracie Mullane with Pebbles the cat. (University of Essex/ PA)
Chancellor Dr Sarah Perry and student Gracie Mullane with Pebbles the cat (University of Essex/PA)

“Pebbles chose to live with us many years ago and each day he brings joy and happiness by being amongst us.”

The university said that Pebbles “loves to sleep, be fussed over, and keep an eye on the wildlife on campus”.

Pebbles was a two-year-old when he first made the campus his home, and is still there 14 years later. (University of Essex/ PA)
Pebbles was two when he first made the campus his home (University of Essex/PA)

The Students’ Union held its first annual Campus Cat Day on Tuesday, including cat-themed poetry and a photography competition.

Pebbles the cat is also known as Campus Cat. (University of Essex/ PA)
Pebbles is also known as Campus Cat (University of Essex/PA)

“He’s a great cat around campus and staff love him too, especially when he spends time with them in their offices.

“He’s well-loved and it’s right that we’re having a campus cat appreciation day for him.

The statue of Pebbles the cat on campus at the University of Essex in Colchester. (University of Essex/ PA)
The statue of Pebbles (University of Essex/PA)

The university said Pebbles is “still waiting for a building to be named after him, the Pebbles Teaching Centre would be good”.

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