Counter-protest to pro-Palestine marches held in London

The organiser of a counter-protest to the pro-Palestine marches in London said demonstrators had “had enough of those anti-Israeli hate marches”.

A group of about 20 people protested on a path in Victoria on Saturday afternoon, with some holding Israel flags and others with placards.

Itai Galmudy, organiser of the counter-protest, said they were “here to exercise our democratic right of making our voices heard”.

He said: “On top of that we are here because Jews are not afraid and we’ve had enough of those anti-Israeli hate marches that are full of inflammatory language towards Jews and Israelis.

“And we just want to say enough is enough.

“We as a community feel that those marches have ballooned into something much more sinister than what they pretend to be.”

He added: “We came here, just like them to exercise a democratic right that we all have, and that one group is protesting doesn’t mean that my community needs to go under cover.”

Thousands of pro-Palestine supporters marched through central London calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza on Saturday afternoon.

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) organised the protest, which saw demonstrators march from Hyde Park Corner to the US Embassy.

It comes as the Government’s counter-extremism tsar warned that London’s streets have become a “no-go zone for Jews” during pro-Palestine protests.

Robin Simcox said a “permissive environment for radicalisation” was developing as he welcomed the Government’s forthcoming new definition of extremism.

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