‘She said you’ve captured it perfectly’ – Art tribute to woman caught in shutter

An artist in Wales has paid tribute to a woman who took the internet by storm when she became caught in a shop’s moving shutter.

Artist Tee2Sugars, also known as Tee, from the Rhondda Valley, was one of millions who watched the viral clip of Anne Hughes being hoisted off the ground outside the Best One convenience store in Tonteg earlier this year.

CCTV footage shows Ms Hughes hanging almost upside down several feet from the ground, clutching at her bag for a period before someone from inside the shop emerges to rescue her.

Artist Tee2Sugars poses with his artwork
Artist Tee2Sugars poses with his artwork (Tee2Sugars/PA)

“I didn’t really think anything of it after that until the shop owner got in touch.

“He said we would like to encapsulate or immortalise Anne on the shutter.

“As soon as he said that he didn’t have to finish the rest of the sentence. I said ‘yeah, I’ll be on my way.’”

Tee completed the artwork in two hours late on Thursday, saying he was happy enough with the result due to the tricky canvas and the grainy CCTV footage.

On Friday, Tee travelled back to the shop to get a picture in the daylight, and was lucky enough to stumble upon the grand reveal to Ms Hughes.

Anne Hughes with her artistic representation
Anne Hughes with her artistic representation (Tee2Sugars/PA)

“She was such a good sport about it as well.

“It’s not something that’s going to change her life but it’s a funny moment that’s going to be remembered forever.”

Meanwhile, anyone hoping to catch a glimpse of the artwork will have to do so late at night or early in the morning.

“It’s a pity really because if she was on the other shutter they could have had the shutter down but it’s on the doorway shutter so unfortunately the mural has opening hours from 9pm til 7am!” said Tee.

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