Israel is ‘absolutely not’ in breach of international law, Suella Braverman says

Former home secretary Suella Braverman has come under fire for arguing that Israel is “absolutely not” in breach of international humanitarian law.

During a visit to the country, Ms Braverman claimed that Israel is going “above and beyond” to ensure the safety of civilians and there is plenty of food and water.

Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron has previously described the humanitarian situation in Gaza as “dire and deeply concerning”.

A Conservative former minister called for Ms Braverman to have the whip withdrawn “immediately”.

Suella Braverman
Former home secretary Suella Braverman argued Israel is ‘absolutely not’ in breach of international humanitarian law (Justin Tallis/PA)

“I have seen evidence myself, in terms of very up-to-date photographic evidence, of plentiful food packages and trucks of food, water and medicines getting to the people of Gaza.”

In a letter sent to Conservative MP Alicia Kearns last month, Lord Cameron aired his frustrations that some UK aid is being held for more than three weeks because of checks by the Israeli government.

He wrote: “The main blockers remain arbitrary denials by the government of Israel and lengthy clearance procedures, including multiple screenings and narrow opening windows in daylight hours.”

The letter continued: “We are committed to working ourselves, and with our partners, to do everything possible to address the dire and deeply concerning humanitarian situation.”

Sir Alan Duncan said Ms Braverman should have the whip withdrawn for her “extreme” views.

The former MP for Rutland and Melton told Times Radio: “For Suella Braverman today to say that there is not a humanitarian problem in Gaza and there’s plenty of food and she’s seen the photographs.

“Frankly, it is so disgusting, so repulsive, so repellent that I think she should immediately have the whip withdrawn.”

Sir Alan is being investigated by the Conservative party after he criticised a number of ministers and former ministers for their stance on Israel and Gaza.

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