Family of detained Albanian migrant who died ‘want to know what happened’

The family of a detained Albanian migrant said they believed he was “ready to be united” with his loved ones before he died.

A jury inquest will be held into the death of “bright” Alfred Dosku who was detained in an immigration centre.

The 37-year-old died in hospital on November 17 2023 in Redhill, Surrey, after being found by centre staff who attempted to resuscitate him.

During a pre-inquest review at Horsham Coroner’s Court, senior coroner Penelope Schofield said the inquest would explore issues surrounding his death.

“Alfred was a very bright person and they don’t understand how he became there.

“The last talk with his brother, he felt when he spoke with him, he was ready to come back. He was ready to be united with his family.”

She added that Mr Dosku’s death was “completely not understandable”.

Legal representation for the Government and Serco were also present at the hearing, which set a further pre-inquest review for June 27.

Practice Plus Group, a healthcare provider which assessed Mr Dosku on his arrival to the facility and had some staff involved in the resuscitation attempts, will also be invited to be represented at the inquest.

The inquest is being planned to take place by December this year on a date to be decided.

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