Sadiq Khan celebrates Eid with performers in Trafalgar Square

The mayor of London has celebrated Eid watching comedians and musicians in Trafalgar Square.

Sadiq Khan taunted former US president Donald Trump as he addressed crowds from the stage in central London.

It was the 19th annual Eid in the Square festival marking the end of Ramadan, Islam’s holy month of fasting.

Mr Khan told cheering onlookers: “I’m going to take a selfie and I’m going to send it to a good friend of mine, Donald Trump.

“I’m going to say listen, ‘bruv’, this is how we run in London – I’m going to show him that our diversity is a strength not a weakness.”

He shouted “are you ready for a selfie?” and, pointing to the crowd, said: “Auntie, you’ve got to smile.”

Eid in the Square 2024
Performers during Eid in the Square celebrations (Yui Mok/PA)

Eid in the Square’s main stage was hosted by British comedian Ola Labib and Capital Xtra DJ Yasser Ranjha.

Performers from Cultural Style Week – described as a “movement created to celebrate the beauty of culture” by inviting people from various backgrounds to “wear their heritage” – were photographed backstage before performing in their Uzbek Cultural Showcase.

One wore a golden outfit with a large crescent moon over their head.

The Indonesia Angklung Ensemble played angklungs, an instrument made from multiple bamboo tubes that each play one note.

Eid in the Square 2024
The free celebration marks the end of Ramadan (Yui Mok/PA)

The line-up also included Pakistan’s Chahat Mahmood Ali Qawwal group, and there were market stalls offering food and the opportunity to learn about calligraphy, storytelling and Indonesian dance.

The mayor of London organised the event with London-based Muslim organisations and the Eid Community Advisory Group, to bring together communities, friends and families to celebrate.

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