Sturgeon to discuss intergovernmental relations in appearance at Westminster

Nicola Sturgeon will appear before Westminster’s Scottish Affairs Committee on July 1 after having previously cancelled an evidence session.

Ms Sturgeon, who resigned as First Minister last year after more than eight years in the role, will appear as part of the committee’s probe into intergovernmental relations in the first 25 years of devolution.

Former first ministers Alex Salmond, Jack McConnell and Henry McLeish have already appeared before the committee.

Former prime ministers Tony Blair and Lord Cameron have also provided written evidence to the committee.

Ms Sturgeon was due to appear on April 29, but it was announced the previous week her evidence would be rescheduled due to her “availability”.

The former first minister’s relationship with the UK Government under Theresa May, Boris Johnson and Liz Truss was strained after her consistent push for another independence referendum for Scotland was repeatedly rejected by successive administrations.

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