Police ‘assessing’ further complaint over Michael Matheson iPad bill

Police are assessing a further complaint in relation to former Scottish health secretary Michael Matheson’s near £11,000 iPad roaming bill.

Mr Matheson has been banned from Holyrood for 27 days for racking up the bill on the parliamentary device.

He initially said the device was used for work purposes before later confessing his teenage sons had used it as a wifi hotspot to stream football while they were on holiday in Morocco over Christmas in 2022.

Mr Matheson resigned from government in February, apologised to Parliament and paid back the bill.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “A complaint which had been received in November 2023 was assessed and no further action was taken.

“A further complaint has been received which is being assessed.”

Holyrood this week voted for touch sanctions which will see Mr Matheson suspended from Holyrood for 27 days and lose his MSP salary for twice that period – the heaviest sanction ever given out in the Scottish Parliament.

MSPs voted by 64 to zero to impose the punishment, although the 63 SNP MSPs abstained.

An SNP amendment highlighting the party’s concerns that the committee which recommended the sanctions had been prejudiced, “thereby bringing the Parliament into disrepute”, was also passed.

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross said the latest development underlines First Minister John Swinney’s “shameful mishandling” of the matter.

He said: “Michael Matheson is not fit to be an MSP and should have the SNP whip removed immediately.

“But John Swinney won’t do that because the SNP always put party before country.”

An SNP spokesperson said: “This is a matter for Police Scotland.”

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