Fact check: Not all NHS pay disputes are resolved

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said the Government has “settled pay rises with everyone in the NHS except for the junior doctors”.


A number of staff groups remain in formal dispute with the Government over pay.

The facts

During his head-to-head TV debate with Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, Mr Sunak said: “We have now settled pay rises with everyone in the NHS except for the junior doctors, and of course I want to do that, to make sure it’s fair and affordable though.”

But leading unions said that some doctor groups and nurses remain in dispute with the Government over pay.

The BMA said on X: “The prime minister was wrong to say that junior doctors are the only NHS workforce in dispute. SAS doctors are currently considering an offer from Government and GPs remain in dispute over the most recent contract imposed by the Government in England.”

And the RCN said: “To be clear Prime Minister, we have not reached an NHS pay settlement for nursing – our members rejected the government’s offer and remain in dispute. We expect whoever forms the next government to start direct negotiations on nursing pay during the summer.”

The BMA also has a list of current pay campaigns on the home page of its website.

This list includes campaigns across the UK. Provision of health services has been a devolved issue since 1999, with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland governments responsible for NHS pay issues in their areas.


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