Opinion poll round-up on day 14 of the election campaign

One nationwide opinion poll has been published in the last 24 hours, along with a separate poll of voting intention in Scotland.

A poll by Savanta, carried out from Friday May 31 to Sunday June 2 among 2,209 UK adults online, puts Labour 14 percentage points ahead of the Conservatives.

The figures are Labour 42%, Conservative 28%, Liberal Democrats 9%, Reform 9%, Green 4%, SNP 3%, Plaid Cymru 1% and other parties 4%.

POLITICS Election Polls
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These figures are broadly unchanged on the averages for the previous seven days to May 29, which were Labour 45%, Conservatives 24%, Reform 11%, Lib Dems 10% and Green 6%.

On May 22, the day Rishi Sunak called the General Election, the seven-day averages stood at Labour 45%, Conservatives 23%, Reform 11%, Lib Dems 9% and Green 6%.

The averages have been calculated by the PA news agency and are based on polls published by BMG, Deltapoll, Find Out Now, Ipsos, JL Partners, More in Common, Opinium, People Polling, Redfield Wilton, Savanta, Survation, TechneUK, WeThink, Whitestone and YouGov.

A separate poll by Redfield & Wilton of Westminster voting intention in Scotland, carried out from Saturday June 1 to Sunday June 2 among 1,000 adults online, puts Labour on 39%, up from 38% in Redfield & Wilton’s previous Scotland poll in early May; the SNP on 29% (down from 31%); the Conservatives on 17% (up from 14%); the Lib Dems on 8% (unchanged); Reform on 4% (unchanged); the Greens on 3% (down from 4%); Alba on 1% (unchanged); and other parties on 1% (up from zero).

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