What the papers say – June 8

The Prime Minister’s decision to leave the 80th anniversary D-Day commemorations early for a TV interview dominates the front pages of Saturday’s newspapers.

The Daily Express leads with Rishi Sunak’s apology for his “mistake” for cutting short his stay at the commemorations.

Daily Mirror opts for the headline “It’s over” after Mr Sunak flew back to Britain early for the interview, while the i weekend reports the D-Day “gaffe” has destroyed his election hopes.

The Times relays words from senior Conservative Penny Mordaunt who said what Mr Sunak did was “completely wrong”, while The Guardian says “furious Tories” turned on the Prime Minister over the “D-Day snub”.

Mr Sunak has been accused of handing a “gift” to Reform UK by senior Tories, according to the Financial Times.

And the Daily Star summons the spirit of Dad’s Army as it says a soldier accused Mr Sunak of letting the country down.

The Daily Telegraph says Mr Sunak is set to vow to abolish stamp duty for first-time home buyers on properties worth up to £425,000.

The Independent features a poll that said Tory voters want Reform UK’s Nigel Farage to succeed Mr Sunak as the Conservative leader.

And the Daily Mail leads with the search on the Greek island of Symi for missing TV doctor and columnist Michael Mosley.

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