Reform UK’s General Election manifesto at a glance

Reform UK has unveiled its General Election manifesto – which the party dubs a “contract” with voters – with plans to scrap net-zero targets, introduce “smart” immigration, and ensure zero-tolerance policing.

Here the PA news agency takes a look at the proposals.

General Election campaign 2024
Reform UK leader Nigel Farage and former leader Richard Tice (James Manning/PA)

Nigel Farage’s party has set out a four-point plan for immigration including: leaving the European Convention on Human Rights, allowing zero illegal immigrants to settle in the UK, establishing a new “Department of Immigration”, and returning migrants who come over in boats to France.

A “freeze” on non-essential immigration “to protect our culture and identity” is also proposed in the first few pages of Reform UK’s manifesto.

Under the party’s plans, immigrants who commit crimes would have their UK citizenship withdrawn, with the exception of “some misdemeanour offences”.

The party is also proposing to ban international students from bringing dependents to the UK.

National insurance would be raised to 20% for “foreign workers” to incentivise businesses to employ British workers.

General Election campaign 2024
Nigel Farage during a Reform UK press conference (Yui Mok/PA)

In a bid to “clamp down on all crime and antisocial behaviour”, the party has pledged to commence zero-tolerance policing, with drug dealing and trafficking crimes receiving life imprisonment.

The party also proposes to increase stop and searches “substantially” by recruiting 40,000 new police officers in the next five years.

Under the plans, all police community support officer roles (PCSO) will be phased out and instead PCSOs will become police officers.

A change to the definition of a hate crime is also proposed, with the aim of reducing “systematic bias”.

– The economy

Reform wants to “simplify” the UK’s tax system which it says is more 21,000 pages, while Hong Kong’s is 500 pages.

The party is also proposing to lift the minimum profit threshold to £100,000 and reduce the main corporation tax rate from 25% to 15% in three years, which it says would “free” 1.2 million businesses.

Elsewhere it promises to abolish business rates for small and medium businesses by introducing an “online delivery tax” at 4% for large companies.

Mr Farage’s party also pledges to cut fuel duty by 20p per litre, scrap VAT on energy bills, and cut stamp duty to 0% on sales below £750,000.

The document also states that inheritance tax would be scrapped for 98% of all estates.

– Education

A ban on “transgender ideology” is included in Reform’s manifesto, with “gender questioning, social transitioning and pronoun swapping” prohibited.

The party also proposes a “patriotic curriculum”, which would include pairing the teaching of Britain’s history of slavery or European imperialism, with a non-European occurrence to “ensure balance”.

Two-year university courses and mandatory permanent exclusions for violent children are also promised.

Pride in London 2016
A ban on ‘transgender ideology’ is included in Reform’s manifesto (PA)

Reform has vowed to scrap net-zero targets to save £30 billion a year for the next 25 years.

The party also promises to fast-track licences of North Sea oil and gas licences.

– Health

Under Reform UK’s plans, all NHS and social care staff will pay zero basic rate tax for three years, in a bid to retain and recruit health workers.

A tax relief of 20% on all private healthcare and insurance is proposed in the document, which the party says relieve pressure on the NHS.

A campaign with the motto “pharmacy first, GP second, A&E last” will be launched under the party’s plans, which it says would cut waiting times.

The party is also proposing a public inquiry into vaccine harms, as it states that “excess deaths are nearly as high as they were during the Covid pandemic”.

General Election campaign 2024
Reform says the national service plans are ‘not the answer’ (PA)

Reform has pledged to increase defence spending to 2.5% of GDP within three years, and then to 3% of GDP within six years.

In its manifesto, it states the Conservatives’ policy of national service for one year is “not the answer” and instead proposes to recruit 30,000 people to the army full time.

An Armed Forces Justice Bill would be brought forward by the party, with the aim to “protect” those in the armed forces from civil law and human rights lawyers. The Bill would also fast track housing complaints.

– Housing

Reform UK has vowed to abolish the Renters (Reform) Bill, which it brands “inadequate”.

The party will review the planning system and introduce “loose fit planning policy” for residential developments, meaning the sites will have pre-approved guidelines and requirements.

– Transport

A pledge to scrap HS2 to save £25 billion is included in the party’s document, along with a ban on Ulez and Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs).

St George’s Day rally – London
People wave flags during a St George’s Day rally on Whitehall (Jordan Pettitt/PA)

The party has promised to make St George’s Day and St David’s Day a public holiday.

It also pledges a Free Speech Bill to “stop left-wing bias and politically correct ideology”.

The TV licence, which funds the BBC, would be scrapped under Reform’s plans.

– Peers

Reform has proposed to replace the “crony-filled House of Lords” with a “smaller, more democratic” second chamber and end political appointees.

It has also pledged to replace civil service leaders with “successful professionals from the private sector” which are appointed by the government.

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