Judge rejects Trump’s request to delay hush-money trial until ruling on immunity

A judge has rejected Donald Trump’s bid to delay his April 15 hush money criminal trial until the Supreme Court rules on the presidential immunity claims he raised in another of his criminal cases.

Manhattan Judge Juan M Merchan deemed the former president’s request untimely, ruling that his lawyers had many opportunities to raise the immunity issue before they finally did so in a March 7 court filing.

Lawyers for the presumptive Republican nominee had asked to adjourn the New York trial indefinitely until Mr Trump’s immunity claim in his Washington DC election interference case is resolved.

Mr Merchan previously condemned Mr Trump’s lawyers for missing a filing deadline, waiting until tw-and-a-half weeks before jury selection to raise the immunity issue and failing to “explain the reason for the late filing”.

Mr Trump contends he is immune from prosecution for conduct alleged to involve official acts during his tenure in office.

His lawyers argue some of the evidence and alleged acts in the hush money case overlap with his time in the White House and constitute official acts.

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