Genesis reveals Neolun and GV60 Magma concepts

Genesis has revealed two concepts that showcase what we could expect from some of the Korean firm’s EVs in the future.

The new Neolun means ‘New Moon’ and it shows that Genesis’ of the future will have innovative features with a luxurious feel.

On the exterior, the Neolun does without a B pillar and has ‘suicide’ doors to allow greater access inside the cabin.

There are electric side steps which automatically operate when the doors open and retract when they close to help when getting in and out of the vehicle – while the pop-up roof rack gives it the SUV look and aids versatility.

Inside the Neolun, there’s an ‘Ondol’ heating system that allows for efficient heating throughout the cabin – there are heating films in the dashboard, door trims, floor, seatbacks and console sides.

Ondol is a Korean heating method that utilises direct heat from underneath the floor to give warmth throughout the interior.

There are also swivelling front seats to allow more space inside and a sound system that Genesis calls ‘sound architecture’. It essentially means that the speakers, tweeters, woofers and subwoofers are optimally placed to give a better audio experience.

The Neolun gives us a hint that Genesis is looking at innovation combined with luxury for its future vehicles.

The Magma performance series, meanwhile, will consist of four models – starting off with a hotter version of the firm’s GV60 electric SUV.

The GV60 Magma will come with improved battery performance and technology over the regular model alongside a wider width and lowered suspension – giving a lower centre of gravity.

At the front, a lower and wider front intake in the bumper cools the batteries, motors and brakes.

The Magma also features 21-inch alloy wheels with aero-brake discs. There are fins on the roof to help with airflow and channel air towards the rear spoiler to give better downforce, too.

On the interior, there are bucket seats with body-coloured seatbacks which are trimmed in a combination of nappa and suede leather.

Both Neolun and GV60 Magma models are just concepts for now, but we’ll have to wait for further announcements to see if Genesis will ever put these concepts into production.

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