St Clement Constable: Senator Len Norman

SENATOR Len Norman romped to victory in the race for the St Clement Constable’s job last night.

He secured 1,593 votes compared to Deputy Gerard Baudains’s 740 and the 254 of Edgar Wallis. Parishioners turned out in force to back the Senator, who said he was overwhelmed at the result. ‘I am shell-shocked,’ he said. ‘I knew I was in with a chance from the canvassing that I’d done and the support I had from people, but I never expected this.

‘I was up against two very good candidates and I thought it would be closer – so I’m really humbled and proud.’

Senator Norman said that he was thrilled with the number of St Clement residents who voted. The turnout was 48.1 per cent.

‘I’ve been involved in many elections over 25 years and I’ve never seen people queuing outside the door, nor have I seen the traffic and congestion I saw today with people wanting to vote – the turnout was fantastic. I think having the three issues to vote for on one day meant that there were more people interested in different things, and I also have to give credit to my team who were very active in encouraging people to come and vote.’

Asked why he had decided to change seats in the States Chamber, Senator Norman said: ‘Being Constable is very different to that of a Senator but it’s a role that I’ve always been really interested in. ‘My dad was a Constable of St Saviour and if I can do half as well as he did, then I’ll be happy.’

Runner-up Deputy Baudains was not at the parish hall when the result was announced. However, Mr Wallis, who was, said: ‘It’s been a hard slog and a very good learning curve for me. It’s my first run out and I’m not as well known as the others, but in three years I’ll be back and I’ll give Len a run for his money.’

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