Condor has no plans to expand its fleet

Currently, the fleet comprises fast ferries Liberation and Rapide, in addition to two conventional ferries, the freight-only Goodwill and the freight and passenger vessel, Commodore Clipper.

Many Islanders have called for Condor to expand the fleet and have questioned the company’s judgment in replacing two ships – Vitesse and Express – with one on the UK passenger route, in 2015.

However, Condor’s chief executive Paul Luxon says operational costs and Condor’s commitment to delivering a three-pronged service means that the size of the fleet is unlikely to exceed four vessels.

‘We deliver a crucial freight service, passenger services for Islanders and a tourism service.

‘Some people called for an additional ship for the UK route. The issue is it would be a significant investment, but it wouldn’t generate any additional passengers and your fuel costs and crew costs would increase, said Mr Luxon.

See Saturday’s JEP for the full interview with Paul Luxon.

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