Pensioner kept a blank-firing revolver – adapted to fire noxious gas – in his home

Magistrates Court Picture: ROB CURRIE.

A PENSIONER has admitted having an offensive weapon in his home and no licences for two further firearms – but said that he had told the police about them ten weeks previously.

In the Magistrate’s Court, 74-year-old Anthony Journeaux pleaded guilty to the three charges.

The police had visited his home on 15 July and found that he had an air rifle and air pistol but no licences for either.

They also found a blank-firing revolver, adapted to fire noxious gas.

Journeaux told the court he had contacted the police ten weeks before their visit. He said: ‘I’ve been asking them for months, asking them to come to my home.’

He added: ‘I did buy the weapons but I never took them out of the house.’

Assistant Magistrate Peter Harris told him: ‘Nobody’s suggesting you fired them. But there’s a risk.’

He released Journeaux on bail until 8 December to allow for a background report.

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