Fishing boat sinks in St Helier Harbour during second-biggest tide ever recorded in Jersey

Picture: DAVID FERGUSON (37665562)

THE big spring tides appeared to have claimed another casualty yesterday… when a fishing boat sank in St Helier Harbour.

Jersey Coastguard launched a recovery operation and put pollution-control measures in place to prevent oil from the vessel spreading throughout the Old Harbour.

Jersey Fishermen’s Association president Don Thompson said that, although it was not clear what had caused the boat to sink, the particularly high tide could have been a contributing factor.

Picture: DAVID FERGUSON. (37667903)

“Not everyone’s mooring ropes and chains will have been adjusted,” he said.

Yesterday morning’s high tide peaked at 12.32 metres – the second-highest tide ever recorded in Jersey.

The recent tides have been so big they have even managed to catch out marine life.

On Monday afternoon, rescuers saved a pod of 13 dolphins which had become stuck in a pool at La Rocque after what is believed to have been an ill-fated bid to feed in the shallows.

Volunteers from British Divers Marine Life Rescue, as well as firefighters and Coastguard staff rallied to build a dam to prevent the water draining away at low tide. The pod escaped unharmed on the rising tide.

On Friday, two people were rescued from rocks at La Rocque after getting caught out by the tide.

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