Ports of Jersey test a non-toxic hull coating

St Helier Harbour Picture: DAVID FERGUSON.Condor St Helier Harbour. (37681080)

PORTS of Jersey is trialling a new environmentally friendly product to coat the hulls of its workboats.

Seacoat, a clear and thin coating which stops marine life from sticking to the hull, is being trialled on the RIB used for maintenance and enforcement patrols and on one of the marina team’s buster boats, which performs a range of duties.

A Ports of Jersey employee applies ‘Seacoat’ to the hull of a workboat (supplied by Ports of Jersey) (37668448)

Unlike other anti-foul products, it contains no toxic chemicals and does not kill the wildlife that comes into contact with it.

Ports of Jersey’s marine operations manager, Fleur Moisan, said: “We are always looking for ways to improve our practices, and while it’s important to prevent fouling, if we can use a new product that does the job without leaching toxic chemicals into the sea, then that’s a win for us.”

She added: “We are keen to do what we can to protect our marine environment, and this coating is commercially sustainable too.

“It takes a third of the time to apply as traditional anti-foul paint, and as it reduces drag there will be savings on fuel.”

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