Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No – it’s drones flying over the north coast

Drones taking part in Ports of Jersey trials on the north coast

DRONES will to take to the skies over the north coast from next week as part of a £3.7 million project to trial the technology.

Ports of Jersey said the drones, which will be flown out of Sorel, marked the next phase of a project aiming to improve connectivity between the Channel Islands.

Uncrewed aircraft could also be used to deliver critical medical supplies, and assist with search-and-rescue operations and fisheries patrols.

Ports – the local partner in the UK’s Agile Integrated Airspace System (Alias) programme – is working with Digital Jersey and Volant Autonomy on the project.

Volant Autonomy are running trials across the UK to ensure that drone operations are safe, in coordination with Air Traffic Control.

Drones taking part in Ports of Jersey trials on the north coast. (37826653)

Tests will take place in segregated airspace until the Air Navigation Services Provider and the National Aviation Authorities for Jersey and the Channel Islands deem the technology safe for commercial use.

Ports of Jersey chief executive Matt Thomas said: “We see Alias as a great opportunity for the Channel Islands. It will enable us to move essential medical supplies, bolster our search-and-rescue capability, and eventually provide air taxi services within the Channel Islands.

“We are making progress on the decarbonisation of aviation, and we are keen to work on exciting projects with like-minded partners to achieve this. This consortium is investigating cutting-edge technology which will eventually be used to build connectivity and invest in Jersey’s future, so Alias is a perfect fit for us.”

The loop road at Ronez near the karting track will be closed temporarily during the drone trials. If successful, further trials will take place in June.

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