Doctor encourages Islanders to take a FIT test


UNDERGOING bowel-cancer screening can cut the risk of dying from the disease by up to half, experts have said.

The message – along with a list of symptoms – was issued by the Health Department during Bowel Cancer Awareness Month. Jersey’s free screening programme has recently been expanded to Islanders aged between 55 and 65, who will be invited to undertake at home screening every two years. The faecal immunochemical test can detect signs of bowel cancer and pre-cancerous changes before symptoms occur.

Symptoms of bowel cancer, which is one of the most common forms of the disease, include:

– Bleeding from your bottom and/or blood in your poo.

– A change in bowel habit lasting for three weeks or more especially to looser or runny poo.

– Unexplained weight loss.

– Extreme tiredness for no obvious reason.

– A pain or lump in your tummy.

In a statement, consultant Dr Moses Duku, said: “It’s important to know the symptoms of bowel cancer and if you are experiencing symptoms or you notice a change, you should contact your GP immediately as, if found early, bowel cancer can be successfully treated. Bowel cancer screening reduces the risk of dying from bowel cancer by at least 35-50%.

“I personally want to encourage all eligible Islanders who receive a FIT kit to take the test.

“Screenings can feel daunting and Islanders may feel embarrassed to do a sample, so by doing the test in the comfort of your own home you should feel more at ease.”

Anyone eligible who has not been recently screened should contact the Bowel Screening Team on 444376 or by emailing

More information and advice is available at

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