'Live' anti-tank shell found by the side of path in Jersey

An anti-tank shell spotted by Mike Beaugeard Picture: Mike Beaugeard (37912077)

ISLANDERS exploring Jersey’s quiet green lanes and scenic woods may encounter horse poo, the odd squirrel and – if they look closely – unexploded ordnance…

Mike Beaugeard said it was “quite a surprise” when he discovered an anti-tank shell nestled in a grass verge while he was walking at Egypt, Trinity.

He said that he had noticed the ammunition, which was about four or five inches wide and around ten inches long, on the side of a path leading down to Wolf’s Lair.

It was reported to the honorary police, who contacted bomb disposal.

Mr Beaugeard said: “It’s a steep path but out of the corner of my eye I spotted it on the side of a grass verge.

“It was quite a surprise, but the right people dealt with it – it makes you wonder how many are in the area. The frightening thing was that it was in plain sight.”

He added that the shell was “apparently live”and had been taken away and destroyed. Mr Beaugeard’s discovery comes just weeks after Jersey Coastguard organised the safe disposal of an unexploded shell on the east coast.

The government website states that it is “not unusual” for Islanders to discover various types of ammunition from the Second World War, given the Occupation of the Channel Islands.

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