Mystery of abandoned car with knives on the dash board

Abandoned car in Mont a la Brune car park (PICTURE: PC John Shatford) (37977944)

THE police are working to solve the mystery of an abandoned UK-registered car which had a selection of kitchen knives – and the vehicle’s keys – on the dashboard.

The community officer for St Brelade, PC John Shatford, said the vehicle, which was reported last week in Mont à la Brune car park, has been taken to the parish compound.

The knives have since been safely disposed of, he added.

But officers are seeking the owner of the vehicle, which was found with its windows open and containing personal items such as duvets, pillows and other kitchen equipment.

PC Shatford also said that the car’s battery was flat, possibly because it had not been moved recently.

Officers are continuing to make inquiries.

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