Man (32) sent to prison for hitting woman with glass

A 32-YEAR-OLD man who hit a woman in the face with a glass – while trying to hit someone else – has been jailed for eight months.

Grant Thomas Kehoe got into an argument with another man while in Vittoria nightclub on the evening of 10 March, the Magistrate’s Court heard.

Legal adviser Francis Burak, prosecuting, said that Kehoe had tried to punch the other man while holding a glass in his hand.

He missed the man but accidentally released the glass, which then struck a woman in the face.

The glass did not shatter but left her with severe bruising.

The court heard that Kehoe had a long list of previous convictions, in both Jersey and the UK, including many for drunken violence.

He had been subject to a suspended sentence – imposed in September last year – at the time of the incident.

Advocate Chris Baglin, defending, said Kehoe had apologised and pleaded guilty early.

He added: “He has been entirely abstinent from alcohol since that night, accepting that he and alcohol are not a mix.”

The Magistrate, Bridget Shaw, accepted that Kehoe had not meant for the glass to hit the woman, but told him: “What you did was highly culpable.

“The harm was fortunately less that it could have been.”

And she added that she could not impose community service, saying: “This type of offence would normally lead to custody.”

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