Colleague defends paramedics accused of neglect

Ambulance service. Picture: DAVID FERGUSON. (38372565)

A PARAMEDIC has told a trial that two of his colleagues, who are accused of neglecting a man who died in their care, were attempting to save the patient when he arrived at the scene.

George De Carteret said he was “surprised” when he heard that John Sutherland (60) and Tom Le Sauteur (36) had later been suspended over the incident.

The pair deny the charge of breaching health and safety rules by failing to provide “reasonable care” for the 39-year-old man, who died while they were attending to him.

They were sent to a flat in Trinity on the evening of 18 March 2022 after the resident called 999, saying he had taken an overdose.

The Royal Court heard that the man was drunk and became aggressive towards the two ambulancemen, trying to punch them, so they called for police back-up.

Giving evidence yesterday, Mr De Carteret said he was sent to the flat as extra support and added: “I got there at around the same time as the police. I saw John and Tom doing CPR and administering life support. They had all the equipment – a defibrillator, oxygen and the paramedics’ red bag.” However, they were unable to save the man and he died of a suspected cardiac arrest.

Crown Advocate Luke Sette, prosecuting, asked Mr De Carteret how he had felt when he heard the two paramedics had been suspended.

He said: “I was surprised. You don’t expect your colleagues to be suspended.”

The court heard from another paramedic, Leanne Le Feuvre, who had been sent to the same address on two previous occasions after the resident called emergency services.

She recalled: “He was quite verbally aggressive.”

Another, Kerrie Mauger-Donnington, who accompanied Ms Le Feuvre on one of the call-outs, added: “He wasn’t very happy to see us and said he didn’t want any help. He used some choice words.”

Anna Le Maistre, a medical technician, also spoke on behalf of Mr Sutherland and Mr Le Sauteur.

Under questioning from Advocate Frances Littler, defending, Ms Le Maistre said: “If I had to make an emergency call, I would want John to come out.

“And Tom has always been very professional and very compassionate and caring.”

The trial is expected to last for another three days.

Commissioner Sir John Saunders is presiding and Jurats Jane Ronge and Michael Entwistle are sitting.

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