No plan to change law on growing cannabis

Senator Andrew Green was asked a series of questions about the legality of cannabis in a freedom of information request following the decision to reclassify cannabis-based medicinal products to treat certain conditions.

No such products have yet been identified for reclassification.

In its response to the request, Health stressed that the reclassification would not make herbal cannabis legal.

It added: ‘No changes to the law regarding cultivation are planned. As the minister has stated, cannabis and cannabis resin would remain class B controlled drugs and cannabinol and its derivatives would remain class A controlled drugs.

‘Unauthorised production, manufacture, importation, possession and supply would remain offences with the same penalties as currently. This means it would still be illegal for individuals to use cannabis for recreational purposes, to grow cannabis, or to import cannabis or cannabis-derived products themselves, or to self-medicate.’

The response said that the department was being advised by the MDAC, an independent committee of approximately 20 members established under law, about which products could be reclassified for medicinal use.

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