Green Street to become one-way permanently?

Green Street to become one-way permanently?

The road from the junction with Havre des Pas to Green Street roundabout opposite the eastern entrance to the Tunnel is undergoing long-term maintenance, with traffic only allowed to travel one way.

The St Helier Deputy wants to see the restrictions made permanent to ease the ‘dire traffic problems’ in the area.

He said a number of residents had contacted him to say what an improvement the current measures had made to traffic flow.

Deputy Labey has now lodged a proposition calling on Infrastructure Minister Kevin Lewis to make the changes permanent and to work with LibertyBus to re-route the number one bus.

He said: ‘Residents of Green Street have been calling for a remedy to the dire traffic problems blighting the neighbourhood for many, many years.

‘The recent temporary implementation, due to roadworks, of a one-way system south to north has been a revelation for two principal reasons. Firstly, it has transformed the quality of life for those living on the street and, two, the dire predictions of traffic chaos resulting from a one-way Green Street have not materialised.’

He added that a recent meeting of the Havre des Pas Improvement Group had indicated overwhelming support for Green Street to be made one way northbound.

‘The majority of residents want this change,’ he said. ‘The roadworks have improved their lives – how often is that ever said?

‘The temporary measures have proved that this can work to the benefit of the area. It’s time to listen to people’s vision for their own neighbourhood and act accordingly.’

The proposition is due to be debated on 4 June.

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