GM Cruise recalls 300 self-driving taxis after crash involving bus

General Motors’ Cruise autonomous vehicle unit has recalled 300 self-driving taxis to update software after one of them ran into the back of a bus in San Francisco.

Cruise said in government documents posted on Friday that the robotaxi inaccurately predicted how the bus would move as it pulled out of a stop on March 23.

The “articulated” two-section bus slowed as it was leaving the stop and was hit by the self-driving vehicle.

Cruise characterised the crash as a “fender-bender” and said no one was hurt.

The company said in documents sent to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that it did the software update on March 25.

“Cruise determined that the collision was caused by an issue related to prediction of the unique movements of articulated vehicles in rare circumstances,” the firm said.

It said no other crashes have happened due to the problem and the same thing will not happen again after the update.

Cruise said it carried out the recall to be transparent and add to public understanding of the crash.

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