Former executive given death sentence over poisoning of gaming company founder

A former executive at Yoozoo Games has been sentenced to death in China over the 2020 poisoning of the company’s founder.

Yoozoo has links to Game Of Thrones and the new Netflix series, The Three-Body Problem.

Xu Yao poisoned the food of company founder Lin Qi in December 2020 because of a dispute over the running of the business, the Shanghai First Intermediate People’s Court said.

Mr Lin, who was 39, died about 10 days later. Police detained Xu a few days after Mr Lin’s death.

Four other people became ill but did not die after Xu poisoned beverages in the office between September and December 2020 because of disputes with two of them, the court said in a statement.

Yoozoo owns the film rights to The Three-Body Problem, a best-selling Chinese science fiction trilogy, and Xu headed up a subsidiary in charge of business related to it, according to Chinese media reports.

In September 2020, the company granted Netflix the right to produce an adaptation of the trilogy, Chinese state media reported at the time.

Yoozoo, also known as Youzu Interactive, developed Game Of Thrones: Winter Is Coming, a game based on the TV series.

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