MSPs to receive cyber security training

MSPs are set to receive training in cyber security following a number of high-profile cases of elected members being targeted.

A briefing will be delivered to MSPs on May 22 following a request from the Scottish Lib Dems.

The session comes after MPs claimed they were targeted by China and others were sent unsolicited messages believed to be a so-called “honey trap” as well as a cyber attack on the country’s elections watchdog.

Alex Cole-Hamilton
The Scottish Lib Dem leader said the provision of training was ‘only sensible’ (Fraser Bremner/Daily Mail/PA)

“Some of these incidents may originate with hostile foreign nations, others will be the work of more prosaic scammers.

“MSPs are privy to an awful lot of confidential and personal information and by dint of our positions may be attractive targets for malign actors. It’s essential that every member is now offered formal training on how to recognise the work of hackers and scammers and the risks we may face.

“I have asked parliamentary authorities to set up these briefings in order to help myself and my colleagues navigate the traps and the risks.

“I have warned before that we may already be in the early days of a new Cold War. In those circumstances, ratcheting up our levels of care and caution is only sensible.”

A Scottish Parliament spokesperson said: “Raising awareness of cyber threats is a continuous process. We do not however comment on the detail of our security arrangements at Holyrood.”

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