Nokia 3210 relaunched to mark handset’s 25th anniversary

One of the most popular early mobile phones – the Nokia 3210 – has been relaunched to mark the device’s 25th anniversary.

Human Mobile Devices (HMD), the maker of Nokia phones, said it had relaunched the “cultural icon” as demand for simpler devices as part of a digital detox was rising.

The revamped 3210 includes a two-megapixel camera, supports 4G calling and will still include classic mobile game Snake, HMD confirmed, with the device priced at £74.99.

A new Nokia 3210
The relaunched 3210 is priced at £74.99 (Nokia/PA)

“The Nokia 3210 has simplicity at its core, allowing consumers to be totally present. Forget dumbphone, this is 2024’s fun phone.”

Mobile phone expert Ben Wood, founder of the Mobile Phone Museum, said: “The original Nokia 3210 has a special place in many consumers’ hearts as one of the best-selling mobile phones of all time.

“The Nokia 3210 is considered one of the most significant handsets Nokia ever developed and was loved by many for whom it was their first mobile phone.

“This modern twist on a design classic in its silver jubilee year is bound to grab people’s attention.”

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