Have (coloured) pens, will travel

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Lynne has lived in Jersey for nine years and during that time she has been a regular face at cricket matches, scoring for St Ouen, OV’s, JICC, the Island, and also as a player for Lillies ladies. It may seem a strange pastime for a girl, but it has enabled her to see the world, well Glasgow and Italy anyway, where she travelled with an Island team consisting of the likes of Ward Jenner and Peter Gough, something not too many girls would turn their nose up at.

So where did this love of cricket come from?

I was ‘born’ into it. The Davis family tradition of loving cricket passes down both male and female lines. I decided about aged 12 that if I really didn’t ‘get in’ to cricket that I’d miss out on so much.

Why St Ouen?

An accidental marriage made in heaven?! I originally planned to score for Springfield but had a little mis-understanding with them over a rained-off match, so the following season I was asked to see how I got on with St Ouen’s. I arrived at my first match at Les Quennevais, where St Ouen’s were ironically playing Springfield and after a heated discussion between Springfield’s skipper at the time – Jamie Brewster – and the whole of St Ouen’s I fell on the Blue and Gold side. The rest is history.

Everyone has a Dave Clark story, you must have plenty. What will be your memories of Clarky?

A good personal friend, and one of the reasons I have stayed in Jersey for so long. Clarky is never going to change, and the sport needs characters such as him to ‘test the water’ or challenge the establishment at times. All I can say is to you players out there – watch out next season when he dons the white coat and bails.

Dean Morrison replaced him as captain this season, what do you think Dean brings to the team?

Drive, professionalism, talent, hogging the strike, token Aussie to replace Dave Parry, need I say more!

You must have seen a few players come and go in your time at the club. If you had to pick the best XI players that have played in your time who would they be?

If I were choosing the best XI over the past ten years it would probably be:

1. Dean Morrison

2. Dave Morfee

3. Anthony Kay

4. Craig Douglas

5. Robin Tewkesbury

6. Hugo Bishop

7. Mark Tribe

8. Simon Short

9. Stuart Ramskill

10. Paul Horton

11. Richard Gomersall

That wouldn’t be a bad team – interestingly eight are current players – why do you think St Ouen have a reputation for never playing to their potential?

Undoubtedly because certain players enjoy performing off the field just as much as on it, especially on Friday nights. This season has proved that the team can perform, I think they’ve lacked discipline and drive over the past few seasons. Gommie only gets in for his 1.4 overs, 1 maiden 4-0 this season!!! I wouldn’t pick him as a batsman, I’ve packed the line up with some pretty destructive batting talent.

Ah I wondered when the name of Richard Gomersall would raise its head. What do you remember about his arrival at the club?

I believe he was a ‘stow-away’ from Springfield CC or was that a ‘throw-away,’ I’m not quite sure. However being a mate of Tewkesbury and Co. I think he came with the expectation and prowess of a un-sung cricketing genius, we’re still looking for the right tune.

Karl Moyse is notable by his absence. Strange for a guy whose claim to fame is that he played for Somerset 2nd XI. Is this true?

Amazingly yes – only the likes of IT Botham, IVA Richards and J Garner kept him out of the 1st XI apparently.

Are there certain players that always checks their averages, scoring rates etc straight after a game?

Gommie, Dave Morfee, Barry Middleton.

Or question you about the runs they scored and tell you that you missed a single third ball of the second over they faced?

I don’t miss runs! I seem to have developed a problem in distinguishing between Robin Tewkesbury and Mark Tribe this season though.

Isn’t Tribey the one who bats in blue suede shoes? It is true that he used to go to Rock and Roll dance classes isn’t it?

I believe that is true, although given some of his footwork at the crease I don’t think he’d give Austin a run for his money on Strictly Come Dancing.

They’ve never won the league whilst you’ve been at the club, what would you say if they did it next season?

If they won it, I’d think somebody had been fiddling the scorebook! No seriously – this is a serious interview after all – I think the whole of the JEP sports section would need to be dedicated to the team.

What is your best memory in Jersey Cricket?

Has to be beating the Donkeys in their own back yard by one run off the last ball in the European Division II final. Chris Minty and I gave each other knowing looks with about five overs to go of ‘Well, we’ve thrown this one away’ and half an hour later ‘Championeez.’

What does it take to be a good scorer?

Charm, wit, a sense of humour, passion (for cricket), a good listening ear, able to sit and concentrate for six hours, a strong bladder, enjoy playing dot-to-dot oh and a decent set of coloured pens.

Why Torquay?

Why not? Just like Jersey only on the mainland – seaside, boats, tourists, lots of cricket – but no Richard Gomersall!

Sounds like heaven. One final question, what will you miss most about Jersey?

That’s probably the hardest question. Starting with what I will miss least – the wind at Les Quennevais! But most I think I’ll miss living so close to my friends that we can just go out and socialise at the drop of a hat, that’s going to be hard to re-adjust to.

Tributes from …

Dean Morrison: All the best to Lynne and thanks for the hard work, effort and time she has devoted to St Ouens and Jersey Cricket over the past 9 years. All of this work is unpaid and for someone to devote so much of their own time to a sport is absolutely incredible and she will be greatly missed by all in the fraternity.

Ward Jenner: Lynne will be sorely missed by the JCB, not just for her excellent technical ability, but just as importantly for her ever cheerful demeanour and her great relationships with the players, the umpires, ground staff and the members of the JCB. Her technical skills were recognised at ICC level and she has been an approachable patient and highly skilled teacher and mentor to many up-and-coming scorers.

We wish her well as she takes her multi-coloured pens to pastures new (in fact the sweeping plains of Torquay ) … “what did you expect? The hanging gardens of Babylon, herds of wildebeest sweeping majestically across the plains …”

However, we are reliably informed that Lynne’s connections will not entirely be severed with ourselves and she has indicated that for future tours she will be available – obviously only when we are accommodated at a decent standard of hotel and where she can play her role as chief red-wine monitor.

Lynne is having a leaving do on Saturday 1 of November, upstairs at the Tipsy Toad Town House from 7 pm where she will be signing her autobiography, ‘Behind the pen and ink.’

By the way, Pat Kelly is also leaving and will be having a few drinks in La Cala tonight, straight after work. Ward Jenner has used up what was left of my word count on Lynne, sorry Pat, I had planned a big send off, like the one Steve Carlyon gave you when you were out against SCF. So have no space to say how great it has been to have you at Springfield. Never mind I’m sure all your chums will get the chance to wish you and your family all the best on your travels.

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